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Wrestling Fundraising Information

The Archer Wrestling Booster Club is a non-profit organization that funds all of the activities of the Archer Wrestling program.  The school does not provide financial support for the team.  The booster club has to raise funds to pay for all uniforms, gear, equipment, supplies, travel expenses, hotels, tournament entry fees, awards, sanctioning, and awards for the kids.  We want to be the best program in the state, and it takes money to do it.  
We charge each wrestler $350 for dues that go to the program (dues include: custom shorts, t-shirt, long sleeve shirt and 1/4 zip top).  In return, the booster club pays for all wrestling related activities.  Any wrestler that sells a corporate sponsorship ($500) will have his dues waived.  

Ad Board Sales - Corporate Sponsorship
One of our main fundraisers is the selling of corporate ad boards.  The boards are 16x24 and go in our gym for all guests at Archer to see.  Boards stay up for one year and are renewable each year.  We also list all sponsors on our website under sponsors.  We encourage our fans, parents, wrestlers and faculty to use our sponsors and return the favor (eating at their restaraunts, buying their products, using their services).  We consider it a win-win.  We are asking each wrestler to sell one ad board.  Cost of boards are $100.  All the wrestler has to do is turn in the business card and check to Coach Jannett.  See local business', restaraunts, doctors, dentiest, insurance agents, basically, anyone whose services you pay for, try to get them to return the support and buy a board to support our team.  In return for selling one board, your son will get team issued sweats to be used as part of his uniform.  If you sell more than one you get extra team gear.  Ad board forms attached.  

Corporate Ad Boards are $500 and will cover a wrestlers's dues and ad board responsibility.  Corporate Sponsors will receive sponsorship recognition at a home event.  Corporate sponsor boards are also hung in the gym, but they are larger.  They are also listed on our team website with a link to their business.

To see what local business have already sponsored us this season click on "sponsors" if they are on there, they have already turned in a check, if they are not listed, than nobody has got them and they are available for sponsorship - go get them!  

Once  a wrestler's dues have been satisfied the following rewards will take place:
Sell 1 board - Archer Wrestling hoodie (reward)
Sell 2 boards - Archer Wrestling sweatpants (reward)
Sell 3 boards - Archer Team bag / other spiritwear (free) 

Corporate Ad Boards

Corporate Ad Boards

Ad Boards

We have team up with Butcher's Choice of Atlanta again this year to offer our meat sales fundraiser program.  Butcher's Choice is located in Norcross and is an A+ rated business through the Better Business Bureau of Atlanta.  Cases of meat come pressure wrapped and frozen (stay good for a year).  Cases range in weight from 15 pounds to 21.5 pounds and come in Steak, Chicken, Pork, or Seafood.  Please see attached brochures for detailed information.  If you want to purchase a case, please fill out order form and return with your check (a wrestler on our team will turn in the order form and check and deliver the case to you at your convenience).  You can also pay on pay pal on our website "donations".  We keep the cases on campus in a freezer, so delivery is very quick.  Cases are $189.