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2024 Archer Football Player's Dues

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to pay player dues for the
2024 Archer High School Football Season 

Varsity/ JV Player                     $1050
9th Grade Player                       $850

Plus Processing Fees for the Square 

“Archer Football TD Club LLC maintains a no refund policy in regard to player dues and donations.  Funds donated each year are applied to the current years activities and are budgeted and allocated based on funds collected. 
Player eligibility is solely up to the players and eligibility is determined by GCPS coaches and Faculty and not by Archer Football TD Club LLC” 

Rank One

  All GCPS schools are REQUIRED to use Rank One for  physicals and all appropriate documents for tryouts should be connected or linked to:


Please read the instructions below carefully and note that you should do ALL RANK ONE ACCOUNT INFORMATION FIRST, and then take the HISTORY FORM to the Doctor to get your Physical Examination Form complete.

Parent tutorial for RANK ONE can be located HERE

Questions for Mrs. Gillis,

call 678-407-7780 or email

Archer Tigers 2023 Players of the Week


All County and All Region Players 2023

Class of 2024 Archer High School Recruiting Profile

Archer High School Recruiting

Please click the link below to take you to 

The Class of 2024 Recruiting Profiles 

! ! ! ATTENTION ! ! !

This website is not phone friendly. 

Please use a computer when registering player.  If you use your phone, the information may not go through.  Also, if you have an AAA account, please use another email address when registering.  Otherwise you may have difficulty linking the two accounts.

Thank you!

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