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Emailed 8-4-2020

Team 12 Parents & Players,


I have decided to make the decision to hold is out of practice at least one more day.  Nobody wants to get back to work with the boys more than me.  The reality is the only time of day right now that I truly enjoy is the two hours that they are with us. 

The Georgia High School Association is meeting to discuss the current high number of cases in the state and there is a good chance that they are going to slow fall sports down from the current pace we are on.  I do not know what that will entail, but I do not want to restart everyone today only to find out we are going to back up. 

The other reason is that I want to make sure that once we return that we do not have any issues so that we do not have to stop again.  It is very important that each athlete that has committed to playing ball take ownership of who they are with and what they are doing outside of practice.  They are with us a maximum of 12 hours a week so what they do during the other 156 hours will determine if we are able to have success.   I have attached a document from our lead nurse in the county that will help each of us with guidance. 

Once I get information from GHSA I will provide it to you and reset our plan of action. 

I have said a few times that we would have to navigate and get over hurdles.  I still have faith that we will do just that!!


Stay positive and enjoy your afternoon,

Coach Dyer

Emailed:  7-30-2020

Important message from Archer Touchdown Club & Coach Dyer

Team 12 Parents & Players,


As you all know, we are navigating through a difficult time.  As the head coach at Archer High School it is my job to make decisions that I feel are best for our team.  I want to make sure that we are proactive ensuring our young men stay healthy. That being said, we are going to cancel practice Thursday and Friday this week so that we can start fresh on Monday, August 3rd.  This is 100% my decision as the head coach.   I want to be clear that we are NOT SHUTTING DOWN operations, nor do we plan to do so in the future!  As I have explained to our team, we are going to hit bumps on this journey.  We are 5 weeks away from our opener, so I want to make sure that we are on point at the start of this process so we do not have to stop 4 weeks down the road. 

As I have explained to our boys, each individual must take extreme ownership in this process, and do their best to avoid situations outside of school that would possibly create a spread of the virus. 

Parents, here are the simple guidelines provided by the lead nurse in our county that you can continue to help us with.  We have also been through these guidelines with our players.

1.        If you are sick, stay home.

2.       Wear a mask inside at all times

3.       Wash your hands

4.       Social Distance

5.       If you have had contact with someone who is infected stay home.  Contact is defined by our current guidelines as being 6 feet or less for 15 continuous minutes or longer.


Our practice on Wednesday was very successful for us in terms of introducing our boys to how we will be operating in the fieldhouse and on the practice field.  It was also the first time we have done this as football coaches under the conditions we currently face.  Our staff will use Thursday and Friday to continue to build best practices that will ultimately allow us to have a safe and successful 2020 football season.

REMEMBER, we are building our processes and guidelines to make us successful for the LONG run and not the short run!

I will send out a detailed practice schedule on Friday for Monday-Friday of next week (August 3rd-7th).

Thank you for trusting us with your boys!  We love them like they are our own!

Coach Dyer

Football Fans,

Well it appears we are finally on the right track for some football this season!! Great news!

Here are a few important facts as we get started cranking things back up:

* DUES: In light of the pandemic and the effect it has had on us all, we are reducing football dues this year from $1000.00 to $600.00. We have set up target dates of for the first payment of $300.00 due on July 1 and the balance due on August 1. Bear in mind that we have many ways to raise the funds without having to come directly out of your pocket and they will be outlined in this email.

* OurFund: We are partnering with OurFund again this year in an effort to help families cover all or a portion of dues. You will receive an email next Monday June 15th from OurFund that will include specific directions on how to get started. Please keep in mind that this is one of the easiest ways to raise money for dues. In a nut shell, all you have to do is input the email address for family, friends, business associates, etc. that might be willing to support your athlete and our program and the program takes care of the rest.

* Big Board/ Fence signs/ and internet adds (due to the pandemic we will not have the online program this year):  The forms for all of these types of sponsorships are now available on the Archer Football website and ready for you to start going out and soliciting sponsorships. It is key to remember that you will get 100% credit toward your athlete’s dues for any and all sponsorship monies raised.

* Game day sponsor: We will still have a game day sponsorship available for each home game and the form for this is also on the website along with the others.

* Tiger Card sales: Last year’s sales of Tiger Cards was a huge success and was key to us being able to meet our budget. This year the sale of Tiger Cards will be 100% done on line. We are not going to ask any of our families to go out selling cards door to door or in public settings.  We will start this campaign in late July and there will be more info to come as we get closer to the startup date. Just as last year, this is not optional and is above and beyond the dues and sponsorship. With us not being able to host a golf tournament or the Tiger bash that we were planning, we must again be successful with the sale of these cards.

The touchdown club membership package this year will again include a TDC hat, 10 tickets for use at any home game, and a parking pass for Fridays nights. IT WILL NOT INCLUDE TICKETS FOR THE CORKY KELL. With the reduction in the dues amount, we cannot financially make it work to include these tickets.  As always there will be many opportunities to buy tickets in advance of the game. The ticked price this year will be $13.00 and due to the social distancing, we will only be allotted 1000 tickets so it is suggested that once they go on sale, you get them quick.

Unfortunately for us, the cost of running a high school football program has not dropped, however our opportunities to raise money has dropped significantly.  As a result, we have got to be very diligent in meeting our financial goals as a program to ensure that our athletes and coaches have everything opportunity to have another successful season.

Please remember to check the website and Phase 1 tab frequently as it will be continuously update with the most recent up to date information we have available.  Also, please go to the Player Dues & Forms tab or click the link below to get information on:  Player Checklist, Player Dues Information Packet and fundraising forms.  You will also find the Pay Pal buttons for Player Due payments:

If you have questions in regards to any of the booster club info listed here, please reach out to one of the board members and we will do everything we can to get you a answer as quickly as possible.

If you still have questions about policies and procedures during the Phase 1 implementation of re starting the season, please refer back to the tab on the website.  If you still can’t find the answer, reach out to Coach Dyer.

Mark Craven
Archer Touchdown Club


Team 12 parents & players, 

Spring sports are in full swing at Archer.  Please understand that we have track, lacrosse, soccer and baseball athletes that are all over the athletic facilities this time of year.  There will be events almost nightly in the stadium.  For the safety of everyone involved please do not pick up or drop off students at the field house before or after school.  Please use the parking lot above the stadium or the big parking off of Callie Still to drop off and pick up football players.  This includes pick up for power hour on Tues and Thurs as well as middle school weight training.  

Thank you,

Coach Dyer

Parents & Players both need to sign up the Remind in order to say up to date with Coach Dyer.  Please sign up with appropriate grade level.

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