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    Tim Watkins

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    Melissa Gillis

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    Archer High School Pre & Post Football Game Policy

    Effective immediately, Archer High School is instituting new policies for Friday night football games in order to provide a more safe and orderly environment for our guests, students, parents, and participants.

    When joining us for all future games, please adhere to the directions below:

    High school aged students and guests may be dropped off BEFORE the game in the student parking lot on Callie Still Rd. The pickup area for students or other guests AFTER the game will be the front of the school off the main entrance on New Hope Rd. This will allow students to be picked up without affecting traffic flow exiting the student lot on Callie Still. NO TRAFFIC WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE STUDENT PARKING LOT OFF CALLIE STILL AFTER THE GAME.

    There will be areas inside the stadium designated as restricted access. Please pay attention to the signs and directions of the Archer Administration and Law Enforcement Officers, and keep these areas clear.

    At the end of the game, the stairs and area between the stairs and the fieldhouse entrance will be blocked off until all coaches and players have exited the game field and entered the locker rooms. These areas have been a source of congestion after games while players and coaches are attempting to move inside the fieldhouse. The gates behind the fieldhouse may be used to exit the stadium during this time.

    All students and parents on the field after the game will exit back through the stands until ALL the players and coaches have entered the fieldhouse.

    Thank you for your support of Archer High School!


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    Archer's 2018 Dooley Award Winners

    Archer's 2018 Dooley Award Winners

    Jessica Flynt & Jordan Roman



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